Rushlake Media represents producers and rights holders with their films or program libraries in the international market place. We develop targeted strategies in close cooperation with our clients. It is key for us to find a common understanding with them in which markets the film or the program should be positioned in order to reach the defined goals.

Rushlake Media also develops new and innovative distribution-services like KINO ON DEMAND and RLM DIRECT ON DEMAND.

Our services include:

  • Representation of producers and rights holders internationally

  • VOD content aggregation and promotion

  • Strategic cooperate and project consulting

  • Development of innovative distribution projects

The world of film distribution and movie watching habits is changing dramatically.

Thanks to online accessibility to films, audiences are now more able than ever before to watch films of their choice in any place and at any time. This opens up unique chances but at the same time poses massive challenges to the film industry.
Rushlake Media builds on the new digital world and helps producers, rights holders and institutions finding their way and marketing their content in this new landscape. At the same time, we understand digital distribution as an addition to the traditional value chain and not only as a replacement. This is the reason why we always take traditional and precious distribution platforms like cinema or TV into consideration as an integral part of our distribution strategies.