Project Description

Two sisters, Martha and Helene, stand in focus of Dennis Todorovic’s second feature film «Schwester Weiß». As mother superior of a franciscan convent, Martha leads a deeply religious life of strict rules and high morals, Helene is an atheist and was always the wild one in the family.

But a car accident changes everything. Helene loses both her daughter Maja and her husband Theo, but also all memories of them and her past. Martha tries her best to take care of Helene, but Helenes amnesia seems to last.When Martha finds out that Helene’s mother in law, Dolores, is planning for an atheistic forest funeral for Maja, it is just too much for her to bear. She puts all her efforts into stopping this “heathen” funeral from happening.

Writer & Director: Dennis Todorovic
Year: 2015
Duration: 89 minutes
Language: German